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Special Projects

     Special Projects                

  • The Garin opened Lod's first café, Melodika, which runs twice a week in the evening hours and is primarily designated as a safe, supervised hangout for adolescents. It's the only café in the city of Lod.


  • The Re'im Club for people with special needs 3 times a week with 15 participants. Most of the participants are living with their parents and have nothing to do or occupy themselves during after-noon time. This club is providing tools for right lifestyle and especially makes them feel as equal persons. This project is running together with the social department in Lod.

  • Special lectures in the evening for adults on various topics such as: how to run your own home budget correctly, happiness in marriage etc.

  • Special celebrations such as end-of-school-year parties, summer events which serve to galvanize the Garin families.

  • Public holiday events for all children throughout the city.

  • Tutoring in various education institutions by Garin members and volunteers as needed.

  • Jewish Awareness – volunteering in the city's pre-schools by bringing Jewish experiential activities prior to Jewish holidays.

  • Bicycle Patrols – in cooperation with the Israel Police and residents, the Bicycle Patrols run several times a week and help maintain security for Lod's residents