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Educational Institutions

      Educational Institutions 

  • Four Pre-Kindergartens/Day Care Centers– located throughout the city for about 130 children.


  •  Kindergartens-13 kindergartens.


  • Schools-two elementary schools in two neighborhoods.


  • Girls High School and a Yeshiva High School for boys. Both were established by the Garin over a decade ago. In each educational institution there are about 250 students from Lod and the adjacent city of Ramla. 


  • Beit Midrash 'Eshkolot' – an in-depth Jewish studies institution open to all which runs educational and Jewish cultural activities for the benefit of local residents.


  • Midreshet 'Ohr Yehudi' – for young women in the area who seek in-depth study of Jewish Thought  and religious-Zionism in a warm atmosphere.